Vascular lesion removal, also known as spider vein removal, is an advanced procedure that removes unsightly vascular lesions with noninvasive laser therapy. Spider veins are extremely common and come in all different shapes and sizes. Vascular lesions are the result of a variety of factors, including aging, activity level, genetics, and hormones.

How Vascular Lesion Removal Works

During a treatment, our Duality laser selectively targets the vessel and directs light energy onto the unwanted blemish. The blood vessels temperature rises, causing it to coagulate and collapse without damaging any surrounding tissue.

Over the weeks following treatment, a small bruise will form. As the bruise heals, the vessel will fade and disappear. Vascular lesions do not reappear once removed. Staying active and protecting your skin from sun exposure will help prevent additional spider veins from forming.

Vascular Lesion Removal FAQs

The number of treatments is dependent on the severity of the vascular lesion being treated. Most patients need 2 to 3 treatments before seeing desired results while others may see drastic improvement after just 1 treatment.

The laser treatment feels like a warm snapping sensation that is very tolerable. Many patients compare the laser to having a rubber band snapped against the skin.

All areas of the body can be treated with our Trinity laser. The most commonly treated areas for vascular lesion removal are the nose, cheeks, and legs.