“If you want something you’ve never had then you have to do something you’ve never done”

Many people are scared to take new steps and fail But, you never know what’s on the other side till you walk to it .

Permanent makeup microblading or powder brows are techniques to enhance the looks of the brows. Becoming a PMU Artist is a career full of benefits for you and your family. An artist can open up their own business, build their own hours, Potentially make 6 figures and grow as much as they are willing to.

You may be thinking well, I don’t know if this career suits me. Well I am the ONLY Master in DFW that offers a FREE “TRY it before you BUY course” I offer this because I want people to do something they feel and not just waste their money.

This is a FREE demo course, during this course you obtain info over the industry and a preview of what the course consists of , a taste of working in latex, also will present to you the different techniques available. During this I will also go over the benefits of becoming an Artist and what it takes to make this career your future .

Take this course at your own benefit to see if this is something that could change your life and help you grow.

Microblading-Shade & Powder Courses DEMO

If you would like to attend to ONE of our Demo courses. Please leave your information below and we will contact you with Demo Upcoming Courses Dates.