What is correction covered up?

Correction cover-up is when someone has a previous PMU or Microblading. You don’t like your current microblading brows, Powder brows Or PMU.

This treatment can be corrected with a combination of techniques such microblading with shading correction, microblading with powder and most likely just a powder Brows ( full color make up look)
Correction means we have to covered up with a new work and Neutralizing the color underneath to keep the new color fresh.

This can take up to 3 hours treatment in one visit. Put in mind when doing a correction cover up might need 3 visit to have the final results we are looking for.

Before booking an appointment be sure to come in for a consultation first to see if you are still a candidate for this treatment.


Correction covered up previous work done

Will require a consultation first

Please book a consultation for ombre eyebrows in Dallas with us if you have had previous work done by a third party.

During your consultation we will address any previous work you may have had that you would like to either correct or modify in some way.

The studio charges an additional fee for color correction or cover-up.

Clients will need to pay half of the treatment fee as a non-refundable deposit during booking.

We request you cancel or reschedule the appointment at least 72 hours before the session. Our studio will retain the deposit fee on last-minute cancellations.