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Hi my name is Alba Cruz, I live in Dallas Texas all my life since I come to the United States. I’m from originally from Honduras , I came to this country since I was a teenager. This country has show me so beauty things in life and one of them is to go after my dreams . One of those dreams is that I can show my daughter anything is possible in this life if you work hard for what you want.

Work in a dental dentistry for 13 years as a dental assistant, it was all I knew since I finish high school. working full time and going to college part time. I know Dental industry is a completely different then permanent make up industry.

My journey as a microblader artist it was something I never thought I could do , didn’t know nothing about make up or permanent make up. How did I do it ? Well I was doing teeth whitening part time , one day of my client ask me have you heard about Microblading.

I was like what is that ? So I searched it and the minute I was watching videos I was very excited what if I can do this , it will change my life for ever . So I took a class and fall inlove with the technique and all had to do with permanent make up . Best part was when I did my first new models is when everything change. That look in their face was priceless I GOT EYEBROWS. I got chills that I can do that for a person . So you see, not can only did change my life but also I can change someone life too .



Hello , mi name johana and I am from Honduras I’ll been here since I was 14 yrs old . I live in Dallas texas where I grow up with my other four siblings I am Mother of a wonderful young daughter who is 12 yrs old and proud to be a single mother that’s where I try all my best to give her a better life.

My biggest achievement was my diploma with two yrs college life insurance license (a agent) I had work on the dental industry for 10 years until I got introduce the industry of permanent make up. Two differents work industry.

I am so proud To say I am now in the beauty industry of permanent make up ,thanks to my sister (my twin) who showed me that theres never to late to be a entrepreneur. She always been my role model and my Bestfriend and big support in my life , Like my whole family. I can’t be more proud to be part of something so rewarding to be working with my sister in this beauty industry.

My role is microblading artist and marketing specialists , executive assistant, management of AlbaElla beauty studio.

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